Diploma in 3D Animation and Creative Writing -1.5 Years

Diploma in 3D Animation and Creative Writing

Welcome to an unparalleled  journey into the realm of 3D Animation at ITV Next international Media School. Prepare to be guided by industry trailblazers, our highly skilled animation and creative writer teams, whose expertise fuels renowned programs like ‘Teekhi Mirchi’ on ITV news network and kids animation YouTube Channel called ‘Mum Mum TV’. We take immense pride in offering you not just classes, but an immersive learning experience within a real-time work environment.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to prioritise practical training, ensuring that from day one, you’re equipped to step into the industry with confidence and competence. ITV Next’s “3D Animation and Creative Writing” is a unique diploma course, which is meticulously crafted to bridge the realms of visual storytelling and narrative craftsmanship, offering you a comprehensive skill set essential for success in the 3D animation industry.


Diploma in 3D Animation and Creative Writing


Senior Secondary School Certificate (10+2) or Intermediate or its equivalent from a Recognized Board.


1.5 Years

Here's what makes our program exceptional

  • Learning from Industry Experts:  Benefit from the wisdom and experience of professionals actively involved in producing programs like “Teekhi Mirchi” Our instructors bring real-world insights and practical expertise into every class, giving you a firsthand understanding of industry standards and practices.
  • Immersive Training: Dive into a learning environment that mirrors professional studios. Our focus on practical, hands-on experience allows you to work on projects under the mentorship of seasoned professionals, refining your skills in a setting that replicates industry dynamics.
  • Real-Time Exposure: Gain invaluable exposure to real-time projects and workflows. Learn not just within the confines of a classroom but within an authentic work environment, witnessing the intricacies of animation production as it happens in the newsroom.

Industry-Ready Expertise: Our emphasis on practical training ensures that you’re not just learning theories but actively honing skills that are in demand within the industry. Be industry-ready from the get-go with a skill set tailored to meet professional standards.

Why Creative Writing Matters in 3D Animation

  • Storytelling as the Heart of Animation: At the core of captivating animation lies a compelling narrative. Understanding the art of storytelling through creative writing not only enhances your ability to create visually stunning animations but also elevates them by infusing depth, emotion, and coherence.
  • Character Development and Plot Dynamics: Proficiency in creative writing empowers you to craft intricate characters and dynamic storylines. This skill set enriches your animations by breathing life into characters, making them relatable and engaging for your audience.
  • Visualising Words into Visuals: The synergy between creative writing and 3D animation lies in translating words into captivating visuals. Mastering both crafts allows you to seamlessly transform written narratives into immersive visual experiences, enhancing the impact and resonance of your creations.

The prowess of our animation team combined with a curriculum deeply rooted in practicality sets us apart. Moreover, the exposure to programs like “Teekhi Mirchi” exemplifies the caliber of industry experience you’ll be immersed in. Our comprehensive program, coupled with hands-on mentorship from industry professionals, guarantees a seamless transition from student to industry-ready professional.

What you will learn in the course

This 3D animation course covers the entire process of animation filmmaking, spanning from pre-production to post-production. With the latest software integrated into our curriculum, you’ll have the opportunity to comprehend new-age production workflows, significantly expanding your scope of learning. The course encompasses various processes inherent in animation filmmaking, empowering you to acquire skills that excel in the field. Highlights of the course are as follows.

  1. Basics of 3D animation : Fundamentals of 3D animation starting with in depth knowledge of 12 Principles of animation, fundamentals of animation in simple primitive objects like bouncing ball, pendulum etc.
  2. Techniques in 3D animation

  3. Maya Interface

    Introduction to the interface of Autodesk maya’s Animation section, menus and modifiers like bend, lattice, blend shapes, etc.

  4. . Advanced techniques

    Deep understanding of character animation using techniques of body mechanics to master the basic movements of character such as walk and run cycles, jump and weight mechanics, constraints and Motion capture data.

  5. Character Acting

    Application of all the techniques into a fully rigged character and objects, it’s refinement along with dynamic simulations such as hair and cloth simulations, finalizing towards the rendering stage.

  6. Creative writing

    Creative writing in 3D involves using narrative and storytelling techniques to enhance the depth, emotion, and coherence of visual animations. It’s about crafting compelling characters, dynamic plots, and engaging narratives that complement and elevate the visual elements of 3D animation, ultimately creating immersive and impactful storytelling experiences. This skill bridges the gap between written narratives and visual storytelling, allowing animators to translate words into captivating visuals, giving depth and resonance to their creations.

Course Content and Modules

Module 1: Introduction to 3D Animation

Understanding the basics of 3D animation, Overview of industry-standard software (e.g., Autodesk Maya, Blender), Fundamentals of 3D space, models, and animation principles.

Module 2: Modeling Techniques

Introduction to 3D modelling tools and workflows, Creating and manipulating 3D models, Understanding polygonal modelling and NURBS modelling.

Module 3: Texturing and Shading

Texture mapping and UV mapping techniques, Introduction to material properties and shaders, Creating realistic surfaces and textures

Module 4: Rigging and Character Animation

Basics of rigging and skeletal systems, Character setup and rigging procedures, Principles of character animation and posing

Module 5: Animation Principles

Advanced animation techniques and timing, Character movement, facial expressions, and lip-syncing, Exploring different animation styles and genres

Module 6: Lighting and Rendering

Fundamentals of 3D lighting, Rendering techniques and settings, Post-processing and compositing

Module 7: Special Effects and Dynamics

Introduction to particle systems and dynamics, Creating simulations for realistic effects (e.g., smoke, fire, water), Integrating special effects into animations

Module 8: Project-Based Learning

Applying learned skills to a comprehensive animation project, Group projects to encourage collaboration, Portfolio development and presentation

Module 9: Industry Trends and Emerging Technologies

Staying updated with the latest trends in 3D animation, Exploring emerging technologies in the field, Guest lectures from industry professionals

Module 10: Final Project and Portfolio Review

Individual or group-based final project, Portfolio creation and presentation, Peer and instructor feedback for improvement

Module 11: Creative Writing for 3D  Animation

Introduction to Character Development:

  • Defining the role of characters in animation narratives, Exploring the impact of well-crafted characters on audience engagement.

Building Three-Dimensional Characters:

  • Techniques to create complex and believable characters, Developing character backstories, traits, and motivations.

Character Arcs and Growth:

  • Understanding the journey and evolution of characters within a story, Implementing effective arcs to drive character development.

Visualizing Characters in Animation:

  • Translating written character descriptions into visual representations, Integrating personality traits and emotions into character designs.

Character Dialogue and Interaction:

  • Writing dialogue that reflects character traits and advances the plot, Exploring interactions between characters for narrative progression.

Exercise and Application:

  • Practical exercises involving character creation and development, Application of learned techniques to create character-driven storyboards or short scripts.

Creative Writing Module Outcome:

By the end of this module, students will proficiently integrate creative writing methodologies with visual storytelling techniques to conceive and craft well-rounded characters for animated narratives, enhancing the depth and impact of their storytelling abilities in the realm of 3D animation.

You will learn the following Softwares in the course

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe Audition
  • Autodesk
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Cloth Animation
  • Balckmagic Fusion
  • Autodesk MotionBuilder
  • Unreal engine
  • Adobe Substance 3d Painter
  • Zbrush

So Join us at ITV Next IMS and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to fostering talent and nurturing industry-ready professionals.

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