India News is a 24-hour Hindi news television channel. With its motto ‘Sabse Pehle Desh’ (‘Nation First’), India News adheres to an honest, investigative and responsible reporting format that has made it a channel of choice among its viewers. Keeping its ear to the ground on trends, opinions and issues pertaining to human dignity and effective governance, the channel today is regarded as the most credible source of national news packaged and presented in Hindi.

With a promise to deliver ‘News, Not Noise,’ NewsX has emerged as a trendsetter in the English news segment in India with its crisp format, direct reportage, pointed debates, trending hashtags, and engaging mix of stories. With an intention of transforming the traditional one-way form of TV communication and making it more interactive, iTV Network has taken brand NewsX to the next level.


Extending the popularity of the brand, India News, the iTV Network has established itself as the most credible source of infotainment in the regional news space as well.iTV Network runs seven leading regional news channels in the Hindi heartland spanning from north to central India. This includes India News Haryana, India News Uttar Pradesh-Uttarakhand, India News Rajasthan, India News Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh which establish that network’s strong foothold in the Hindi news market. Also, iTV Network runs India News Punjab in the Punjabi language; India News Gujarat in the Gujarati language and North East regional channel is known as NE NEWS.

Complementing India News’ pan-India footprint, the regional channels are known for their crisp reportage, engaging format and ground-zero reporting that focus on highlighting stories and concerns as well as the diversity that embody the true essence of the regions they cover.


The Sunday Guardian

The Sunday Guardian brings news that is unbiased and fair-minded and keeps on being one of India’s finest Sunday papers with an emphasis on current updates and trending news other than art, lifestyle, technology, luxury and books.

The Daily Guardian

The Daily Guardian, India’s top-notch daily newspaper, printed from New Delhi includes a wide reach inside the political hallways of intensity, bureaucratic and business pioneers, and who is the who of the nation. It is perused by parliamentarians and policymakers and happens to be the favored paper in the bundle of his media blend.

Aaj Samaj

iTV network’s national publication Aaj Samaaj is the quickest-developing Hindi daily in North India. Aaj Samaj reflects iTV network’s creative substance, peruser center, and appealing format, Aaj Samaaj covers news, views, updates, investigations and patterns that make it an extremely well-known brand among customers in North India.

India News

iTV network’s National publication India News is the leading Hindi daily in North India. India News is a Hindi daily that reflects iTV network’s creative substance, peruser center and appealing format. India News covers National and International news, views, updates and investigations.


The digital news portals offers latest news update on politics, business, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and world news.