RJ Workshop – Weekend

Weekend Workshop in RJ

The ITV Next International Media School (NIMS) in Delhi, a leading institution in Mass Communication education, presents a specialized “RJ Workshop on Weekends,” a short-term course designed to train individuals in the art of Radio Jockeying. This workshop focuses on practical training and industry insights, equipping participants with the essential skills required for effective communication on the airwaves. The curriculum integrates the latest trends and techniques in the field of radio broadcasting, emphasizing the art of engaging and entertaining audiences through compelling storytelling.


RJ Workshop (Weekend)


Senior Secondary School Certificate (10+2) or Intermediate or its equivalent from a Recognized Board.



RJ Workshop (Weekend)

About the RJ Workshop (Weekend):

Embracing the essence of effective communication, our specialized workshop on Radio Jockeying provides a gateway to the world of audio storytelling and broadcasting. The workshop encompasses the study of communication techniques specific to the medium of radio, cultivating skills essential for engaging listeners and delivering captivating content.

What do you learn in the course?

In the realm of radio broadcasting, effective communication plays a pivotal role in engaging audiences. Our weekend workshop in Radio Jockeying provides comprehensive exposure to the art of entertaining and connecting with listeners, focusing on techniques for effective scriptwriting, voice modulation, and audience interaction.

Why choose the RJ Workshop (Weekend) at ITV NIMS, Delhi:

Our workshop in Radio Jockeying covers a diverse range of topics, including:

  • The art of effective communication on radio
  • Scriptwriting and storytelling for radio
  • Audience engagement and interaction techniques


At The ITV Next International Media School, New Delhi, we offer:

  • Industry exposure critical for understanding the dynamics of radio broadcasting
  • Tailored programs designed to foster professional growth
  • A distinct advantage for aspiring Radio Jockeys

Join our workshop and embark on a journey that offers a rich learning experience, enabling you to stand out in the world of radio broadcasting.