Career Course in Camera Acting – 6 Months

Career Course in Camera Acting

The ITV Next International Media School (NIMS) located in Delhi, known for its exceptional Mass Communication education, introduces a dedicated 6-month Career Course in Camera Acting. This comprehensive program emphasizes hands-on experience and industry knowledge, preparing students with the essential skills for effective on-camera performance. The curriculum highlights the nuances of engaging visual expression and integrates cutting-edge technological advancements in the realm of camera acting. Additionally, the course focuses on the craft of delivering captivating performances and offers a comprehensive grasp of current trends in the field of camera acting.


Career Course in Camera Acting


Senior Secondary School Certificate (10+2) or Intermediate or its equivalent from a Recognized Board.


6 Months

Career Course in Camera Acting

About the Career Course in Camera Acting:

Encouraging a culture of artistic expression, our specialized 6-month program in camera acting unlocks the door to the realm of visual performance and storytelling. Camera acting involves the art of conveying emotions and narratives through on-screen presence, catering to diverse media platforms such as film, television, and digital content.

What do you learn in the course?

Within the realm of visual performance, effective portrayal is crucial for communicating narratives. Our 6-month curriculum in camera acting provides a comprehensive understanding of the craft, emphasizing ethical practices and industry-standard techniques. It delves into the intricacies of delivering engaging performances for various media platforms.

Why choose the Course in Camera Acting at ITV NIMS, Delhi:

Our camera acting curriculum encompasses a diverse array of topics, including:

  • The art of on-screen performance
  • Techniques for effective visual expression
  • Understanding the dynamics of film production and direction


At The ITV Next International Media School, New Delhi, we offer:

  • Industry exposure vital for comprehending the intricacies of camera acting
  • Educational programs tailored to foster professional development
  • A unique advantage for aspiring camera actors

Enroll in our program and immerse yourself in an educational journey enriched with exceptional facilities and valuable exposure, setting you apart in the world of visual performance.